Tandem Hang Gliding Wheels

The LiteFlite Tandem Hang Gliding Wheels have been specifically designed and manufactured to make tandem hang gliding flights easier and even more fun.  This is great for the passenger and the tandem operator.  The passenger gets a relaxing, safer take-off and landing while the operator uses less effort and reduces the turnaround between passengers.

The LiteFlite Tandem Hang Gliding Wheel kit consists of two 10" pneumatic wheels and mounts to be fitted to the basebar, and a universal rear frame that supports two solid wheels and mounted using a saddle bracket and stainless steel wires. 

The two front wheels are plastic rims with a 10" x 3" pneumatic ribbed tyre.  A stainless steel fabricated mount supports the wheel and is slid onto the basebar of the tandem glider, then held in place at the top with an elastic cord.  A range of plastic bushes are available to allow the wheels to be fitted to different diameter basebars.  The wheels are easily fitted or removed, but are extremely secure when attached.  An optional steering rod can also be fitted to one of the wheels, allowing the glider to be manoeuvred whilst on the ground.

The 5" solid rear plastic wheels are positioned by an 6061 aluminium tube and stainless steel wires.  The rear structure is mounted to keel and base bar ends.  The rear wheel structure can be packed and stored with the glider.