Canberra and Sydney are two most popular tourist destinations in Australia. Canberra is located at the north-end of the Australian Capital region. Plan your holiday to this place at any time of the year except between December and March. Canberra, capital of Australia is well planned and filled with lots of adventure.

For people who love an exciting and swift life, visiting the lovely cities of Sydney and Canberra is a must. These cities are the most visited tourist destinations of Australia. In the matters of trade, events, and the various entertainment shows such as diverse types of sports, these are one of the most recognized cities in Australia.

Looking at the comfort and the calm of the visitors, most of the hotels are established in the areas which are neighboring to the major tourist attractions of the city. There are numerous options available to suit the tastes, needs and budgets of tourists. Hotels in these two hot favourite destinations are renowned for their service and comfort.

Villas and homes are also available on rent which is epitomes of comfort and luxury. For tourists who desire comfort like home away from home, these are the best options. Both the cities are full of beautiful and luxurious hotels. You will not run out of option when searching for a decent accommodation in these cities.

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