Welcome to the website of LiteFlite - Home of the Dragonfly

LiteFlite is a manufacturer of ultra light aircraft and hang gliding accessories. The main product from the LiteFlite stable is the Dragonfly, an ultra light aircraft most commonly used for towing hang gliders into the air. The Dragonfly has been in production since 1990 with approximately 100 aircraft being made, and is internationally recognised for its slow flying speed and great manoeuvrability.

Three Dragonflys at Rylstone.Due to the slow flying speed, the Dragonfly is the world’s most favoured hang gliding towing aircraft and has been sold to 12 different countries. As its origin comes from the Australian bush, where most national hang gliding competitions are held, the Dragonfly has also be dubbed the “Great Australian Bush Plane”.

The flying characteristics which have made the Dragonfly so popular in hang gliding has also allowed it to become a very useful stock management tool on large properties in Australia. The Dragonfly provides a low cost form of aviation which can be flown almost anywhere and is really easy to learn. It’s a great tool for quickly checking areas within a property, or even herding stock.

If you don't own a large property and not interested in towing hang gliders, it doesn't matter, because the LiteFlite Dragonfly is simply good fun to fly.  It is a two seater with dual controls, so it's great fun to buz around the countryside with a friend.

In conjunction to the Dragonfly, LiteFlite also manufacture a range of products used in hang gliding towing. These include a highly designed and well manufactured tandem hang gliding wheels which allow the pilot and passenger to safely launch and land. A tow rope release mechanism is also manufactured.

We hope you enjoy our website and we look forward to seeing you in the air soon.